The Enemy Within

Return to Weissbruck
The Birth of a Tradesman
Shadow over Bögenhafen
All the fun of the fair.

Arriving in the merchant town of Bögenhafen on the first day of the Schaffenfest, the adventurers go out of their way to provide for “Herr Kastor” and make sure that they aren’t walking into a trap. Unfortunately, it turns out to be even worse, as the Messers Lock, Stöck and Barl apperantly don’t exist and never have. The letter was ordered printed by a man fitting the description of the crossbow-wielder from Weissbruck, who’s in no position to tell anyone anything.
Disheartened, the group heads towards the festival to cheer themselves up, get in a fight and maybe make a bit of coin scamming the poor and stupid. In addition to all this, they encounter Doctor Malthusius and his magnificent freak show, whoose star attraction is about to get a lot more attention than he anticipated.

I used to be an elven envoy like you.

The Berebeli makes a stop in Weissbruck and the party decides to follow a mysterious man with a crossbow. They follow him through a tavern and half the town, but the trail ends cold at a rather sordid establishment, and they return to the barge to sleep.
They are attacked in the night by three thugs and the poor Liliniell standing guard then takes a bolt to the shoulder. The mysterious marksman follows them out on the boat, shouting for Kastor to give himself up, then is promptly killed by Cer Si Laer. He carries the following letter.


The Berebeli continues on with the adventurers. Beaten and bleeding, but hopeful in the knowledge that they’ll soon be richer than they could’ve ever dreamed…

Let's go have a bottle or two!

Altdorf is a busy city. Things happen quickly there, and events tend to get out of hand. It turns out the adventurers arrived a little late and the prince left for his expedition already. On the bright side, Palats old colleague, Josef Quartjin, was more than happy to sail them all to Bögenhafen with a shipment of wine. To celebrate, the party headed for a boatmans inn in the poorer side of town. It all gets a little blurry after this.

A couple hours later, the elves are wandering the town, Andreas is helping a broken and injured Palat to Josefs boat, and Barak has been arrested for dragging around an unconscious, naked man with a missing eye and a skull fracture. They let him go before dawn, and the party skips town in the Berebeli. As they learn that they are wanted in connection with the murder of two noblemen, it seems wisest to not return to the capital for a while.

Mistaken Identity
Say, doesn't this guy look familiar?

By now, it might be prudent to introduce our merry little band. The kid in the robe is Andreas Tolzen, an initiate on a mission from his church. The brawny, bearded one is Barak Ulfarsson, a dwarf in disgrace fresh from the pits of Altdorf. The shady looking elves are Cir si Laer, the thief, and Liliniell Strongtower, who fashions herself a people person. At the Coach and Horses Inn, they picked themselves up a fifth member, Palat Roiheim, who used to smuggle illicit goods all around the place, but is looking for more lucrative work as of late.

The trip to Altdorf was neither comfy, nor quiet. Some prissy noble made them sit on the roof, which only served to throw them straight into the action as the coach ran into a mutant ambush. the beasts were dealt with swiftly, but it was too late for their earlier victims, one of which was of a most interesting appearance, and held a most interesting letter.

Turns out this Kaster fellow and our very own Palat Roiheim bear a striking resemblance to eachother. And Bögenhafen is only a few days from Altdorf by river. The good prince Hergard may have to go alone on that expedition after all.

Onwards! To adventure
A priest, a thief and a dwarf walk into a tavern

On a silent evening in the sleepy town of Delberz, we find our little band of adventurers sitting at the bar of a dirty, nameless little inn. Though money may be tight, the townies are excited and the drink flows without end. Soon, people are telling stories of Heldenhammer and other gods, of heroes and dragonslayers, adventure and great feats of bravery.
As the peasants grow drunker and the stories grow bolder, young men start boasting of the great deeds they would accomplish, given the chance. Eventually, the bartender grows tired of the noise and slaps a crumbled flyer down on the bar.
“Think yerselves adventurers? Well, here’s yer chance for gold and glory, working for a real posh prince no less.”
The ruckus dies down, and the sullen young men find they all have places to be. As the night grows silent, our little group huddles around the bar, as one reads from the flyer.

The next morning, they take their leave of Delberz on the road towards The Coach and Horses Inn, where they hope to make travelling arangements to Altdorf.


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