The Enemy Within

Onwards! To adventure

A priest, a thief and a dwarf walk into a tavern

On a silent evening in the sleepy town of Delberz, we find our little band of adventurers sitting at the bar of a dirty, nameless little inn. Though money may be tight, the townies are excited and the drink flows without end. Soon, people are telling stories of Heldenhammer and other gods, of heroes and dragonslayers, adventure and great feats of bravery.
As the peasants grow drunker and the stories grow bolder, young men start boasting of the great deeds they would accomplish, given the chance. Eventually, the bartender grows tired of the noise and slaps a crumbled flyer down on the bar.
“Think yerselves adventurers? Well, here’s yer chance for gold and glory, working for a real posh prince no less.”
The ruckus dies down, and the sullen young men find they all have places to be. As the night grows silent, our little group huddles around the bar, as one reads from the flyer.

The next morning, they take their leave of Delberz on the road towards The Coach and Horses Inn, where they hope to make travelling arangements to Altdorf.



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