The Enemy Within

Mistaken Identity

Say, doesn't this guy look familiar?

By now, it might be prudent to introduce our merry little band. The kid in the robe is Andreas Tolzen, an initiate on a mission from his church. The brawny, bearded one is Barak Ulfarsson, a dwarf in disgrace fresh from the pits of Altdorf. The shady looking elves are Cir si Laer, the thief, and Liliniell Strongtower, who fashions herself a people person. At the Coach and Horses Inn, they picked themselves up a fifth member, Palat Roiheim, who used to smuggle illicit goods all around the place, but is looking for more lucrative work as of late.

The trip to Altdorf was neither comfy, nor quiet. Some prissy noble made them sit on the roof, which only served to throw them straight into the action as the coach ran into a mutant ambush. the beasts were dealt with swiftly, but it was too late for their earlier victims, one of which was of a most interesting appearance, and held a most interesting letter.

Turns out this Kaster fellow and our very own Palat Roiheim bear a striking resemblance to eachother. And Bögenhafen is only a few days from Altdorf by river. The good prince Hergard may have to go alone on that expedition after all.



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