The Enemy Within

Shadow over Bögenhafen

All the fun of the fair.

Arriving in the merchant town of Bögenhafen on the first day of the Schaffenfest, the adventurers go out of their way to provide for “Herr Kastor” and make sure that they aren’t walking into a trap. Unfortunately, it turns out to be even worse, as the Messers Lock, Stöck and Barl apperantly don’t exist and never have. The letter was ordered printed by a man fitting the description of the crossbow-wielder from Weissbruck, who’s in no position to tell anyone anything.
Disheartened, the group heads towards the festival to cheer themselves up, get in a fight and maybe make a bit of coin scamming the poor and stupid. In addition to all this, they encounter Doctor Malthusius and his magnificent freak show, whoose star attraction is about to get a lot more attention than he anticipated.



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