The Enemy Within


Let's go have a bottle or two!

Altdorf is a busy city. Things happen quickly there, and events tend to get out of hand. It turns out the adventurers arrived a little late and the prince left for his expedition already. On the bright side, Palats old colleague, Josef Quartjin, was more than happy to sail them all to Bögenhafen with a shipment of wine. To celebrate, the party headed for a boatmans inn in the poorer side of town. It all gets a little blurry after this.

A couple hours later, the elves are wandering the town, Andreas is helping a broken and injured Palat to Josefs boat, and Barak has been arrested for dragging around an unconscious, naked man with a missing eye and a skull fracture. They let him go before dawn, and the party skips town in the Berebeli. As they learn that they are wanted in connection with the murder of two noblemen, it seems wisest to not return to the capital for a while.



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